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Burrum Heads to Barcaldine

Rocky was a bit quiet mainly cause I was too pooped to kick on with the chaps I met who were in town from Lismore to do maintenance on the power station. Crashed around 8:30 which meant I was up for an early start. At 7:30, with the sun behind me, I was on the road and at 7 degrees c it was unexpectedly chllly, with a bit of fog as well.

Aussie icon at Alpha

Aussie icon at Alpha

The road westward from Rocky is rather flat and featureless but with the speed limit at 110 for a lot of the time, I made it to Emerald by about 11am. Bit early to stop. Brought some camping food, hard to find any space to stash it, and set off to Barcaldine. Straight roads as far as the eye can see and then some. Stopped here and there to give the shoulders a rest. The Kaoko cruise control is definitely worth having.

Managed to get to Barcaldine, with the sun in my eyes, by about 4:30pm. about that time of day I was really starting to notice the amount of road kill along the side of the road so I slowed to 110. And now after 9 hours  in the saddle covering nearly 600 klicks I am feeling a bit old.

Can’t help but constantly think of Nathan the postman with his top speed of 85Kph on these stretches.

I might have a short day tomorrow and stop at Longreach, I have heard there is a bit to see there.

2 thoughts on “Burrum Heads to Barcaldine

  1. Dan

    Hey, sounds like you are getting into the swing of blogging now. Just have to get your Advrider blog happening 🙂

    And don’t worry – 9 hours in the saddle will make anyone feel very weary. Hope you don’t have to do too many days like that! And please don’t come unstuck by a fast travelling, road crossing ‘roo.

    Enjoy Longreach. Maybe visit the cattlemen’s hall of fame? Must be some good old Aussie pubs out there too

  2. Dan

    Couldn’t bring yourself to stop at Longreach eh? Hope you made a stop at the cattleman’s Hall of Fame? Might be a long time till you get there again!

    Hope you manage to try camping before you actually leave the country…

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